Kent Zendo
meets at 555 Franklin Ave, Kent, OH 44240

Meditation and Buddhism Instruction
11 AM Sunday
6 PM Sunday through Friday
Last Sunday of the month 9 AM through 3 PM

The Kent Zendo is a non-profit group and a Buddhist sangha (community) in the Soto Zen Buddhism tradition. Our mission is to offer the opportunity to meditate in a variety of formats: from regular meetings in Kent, Ohio (close to Kent State University), to residential weekend retreats in northeast and central Ohio. We serve the residents of Kent, Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Youngstown, and the surrounding areas. We have a dedicated interest in serving the needs of the less fortunate, and we donate regularly to a variety of charitable causes.

About Zen Buddhism
All natural experience entails at least a slight degree of “unsatisfactoriness”, caused by a false view of one’s existence, which in turn causes desire for things which do not exist, at least in the way we imagine. We constantly struggle unnecessarily with ourselves and our environment until we uproot the cause of this false desire: the insistence on the belief in an unchanging immutable and potentially eternal “self” or “soul”.

We come to this realization through a life of meditation and morality, culminating in the experience of “enlightenment” or spiritual awakening. With this experience, one sees things as they are: not fixed and static, but in a constant joyous flux in which all things are interdependent.

Who We Are
At the Kent Zendo, we practice zazen, the traditional form of meditation taught in Zen Buddhism, often referred to as “sitting”. To learn and practice zazen with us, we only ask people to have a sincere interest. We have no dues, levels of membership, or ordinations. We make no formal distinctions such as “priest” or “layperson”.

Zazen is a simple practice of sitting quietly with awareness on a cushion or chair, holding a particular posture and letting thoughts, feelings, and perceptions come and go as they will. Through this practice, one may gain insight into the workings of the mind and body and find a stability that one may carry into daily life.

We offer zazen instruction free-of-charge, though we welcome donations. Tim McCarthy, our Zen teacher, was a student of the late Kobun Chino Otagawa, Roshi.