Many people have asked us questions like these, so we thought we’d address them here. If you still have questions or comments, as always, feel free to use the Contact page.

Are your events open to beginners? When are more informal events for beginners?
We offer beginners instructions at all of our events. All our events are fairly informal and open to the public and beginners (though for our multi-day retreats, we generally ask people to register). We encourage beginners to investigate a variety of area groups to find one that’s right for them.

Does the Kent Zendo offer meditation classes or lessons?
At our sittings, our teacher Tim McCarthy offers instruction in Soto-style seated meditation (or zazen). We don’t call them lessons or classes, but there’s time during the discussion portion of the meetings to ask questions. We sit in meditation for 20 minutes or so, and we give beginners instruction beforehand.

What types of events does the Kent Zendo offer? When/where do you meet?
We have regular sittings where we instruct, discuss, and meditate. We conduct retreats which offer extended periods of meditation. Working with the Cleveland Buddhist Temple, Tim McCarthy conducts Intro to Buddhism talks and Pet Memorial services. Meeting descriptions, places, and times can be found on the Events page.

Do I need to bring anything to meditate? What do I need to know before attending?
We recommend wearing loose clothing to try different postures and find one that’s comfortable. If you have your own meditation cushion (or zafu), feel free to bring it. However, we have sitting cushions for people to use. If you need to sit in a chair rather than a cushion, that’s okay.

Also, we ask people to have an open mind about trying anything new, especially meditation (or zazen).

I’m looking for a group closer to where I live – can you recommend one?
We encourage people to try different groups to find the right fit for them. There are many Buddhist groups in Northeast Ohio. To help find one, we recommend looking at the Northeast Ohio Buddhist News page.

Can you explain the philosophy of the Kent Zendo?
This is a fairly big question that might be best addressed in person by our teacher Tim McCarthy. The Home page has a very brief overview of Zen Buddhism and our mission.

Where can I find more information about the Kent Zendo?
Besides the information on this site, you can look at our Facebook page. Please contact us at those places or on our Contact page if you have questions.

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  1. Christine farinacci
    Christine farinacci Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 1:51 pm |

    I am interested in your meditation classes for my 20 year. She attends Kent State. She loves yoga.


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