Kent Zendo

Fall 2009 Retreat – Friday, October 23, 2009

Join us for our Fall 2009 Retreat, October 23-25, at the Hermitage at Beaver Run.

Fall 2009 Retreat at The Hermitage at Beaver Run

October 23-25 2009

In a spirit of solidarity with the people of Palestine, the Kent Zendo will hold a retreat at the Hermitage at Beaver Run this fall.

What: The retreat will feature several hours of Soto Zen-style sitting and walking meditation (zazen and kinhin) per day, dharma talks, and private student-teacher interviews (dokusan). We invite you to gather at the campfire to talk and laugh. Bring poetry to share or spend free time walking in the woods. (See the schedule for more info.)

Where: The Hermitage at Beaver Run [map] offers a natural setting in rural Ohio – woods, ponds, frogs, turtles, dewdrops on grass blades. We will be staying in the renovated barn: a modern facility with bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, a large meditation room and a library. We may also use the Elder House, a separate cabin. If we run out of beds, some of us may sleep in the meditation room.

Who: Open to beginners and experienced practitioners, the retreat will be lead by Tim McCarthy, a teacher in the lineage of Kobun Chino Otagawa, Roshi. Those new to sitting need not feel obligated to join in all meditations if they find it too difficult, but are encouraged to support the group with their presence as much as possible. We ask that participants not differentiate themselves by using Dharma names or ranks, nor by wearing robes or rakasus.

Chow: We eat well. Great vegetarian dishes all weekend. Participants will be asked to share in the responsibility of cooking, table-setting, and clean-up.

What You’ll Need: If you have a zafu, mat or bench, please bring it. Zafus, zabutons, benches, and chairs will be provided for those who need them. Also, bring bath towels, toiletries, and linens. There are blankets on each bed. We suggest you plan on arriving in the late afternoon or early evening of Friday to get settled and have a good dinner. Due to limited parking, carpooling is encouraged if possible. The drive is about two hours from Kent or half an hour from Millersburg.

Cost: $50* This includes lodging and vegetarian meals. If money is a problem, we can work something out. All proceeds will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

* Two Kitchen Scholarships will be available for those who wish to cook.

How: Registration for this retreat is closed due to space limitations. If you’d like to be put on the mailing list for our next retreat, please contact us.